Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

One of the best ways to maintain financial health is by utilizing a financial diagnostic tool that provides us with a Financial Health Check for business clients. The diagnostic tells us what is going well and what is not going so well. We then have a basis to address the issues. From the diagnostic we work out a plan that addresses the good and the bad. How do we keep doing the things we do well, and how do we fix the things that need fixing?

With any wellness plan you need time for the healing to take place. This is exactly the same in a financial plan. There will not be a turn around over night, but in the short and long term, a focused plan will deliver the results that a business needs to succeed. Some areas can be changed with a quick fix. Others will take a longer time for the changes to take hold. The key is to have an organized “rehab” schedule to monitor the progress and document changes in the process, and ultimately suggest any remedial action that may be required.

As public accountants, we know full well of the fear of fees from our clients. There is a concern that every minute spent on a client will be billed resulting in the value proposition being lost in the fear. At MBS, we understand the fear of fees. When we work with clients on a Financial Health Check, and recommend a program to deal with the diagnostics, we are able to explain what the fees for the plan will be. Further to this, we can guarantee that if the plan does not recover cash or an increase in value to your business a t least equal to our fees, we will refund the fees.  That’s how much we believe in our program.

The Financial Health Check will provide a diagnostic report that will focus on the areas that need to be maintained and the areas that need improvement.  Our planning process adds value to your business.  The results can generate better cash  flow, reduce your risk or improve the value of your business.  There is no magic wand.  The process requires a commitment from the business and a commitment from us.  A schedule needs to be established and followed .  Goals need to be set and monitored.  And in the end, results can be achieved.

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Harold Johnson, CPA, CA

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